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Mr. Do Dang Binh – General Director of Galaxy Mechanical & Electrical Joint Stock Company said: In mechanical and electrical construction projects, the female workers become the fuel to the fire that warms the male’s hearts”.

Gender equality is a phrase that is mentioned a lot in this modern society. The goal of gender equality is to create respect, enjoyment and to affirm ones’ position the in society. Gender equality is not only reserved and biased for the woman as many people think. Equality requires two sexes, including men and women. However, why do some jobs only focus on the males to occupy specific position without or almost no female participants?


Health, toughness is a natural element of men.


Strength is God’s gift to men. From the very beginning of mankind, while matriarchy still existed, male health factors were expressed. During this main period of time, although women had the role of being the main leader of the family, they were only able to bring staple food. Meanwhile, nutrients such as protein, and fatty foods were brought by men via the means of hunting.

In today’s society, the competition in daily life makes women deal with tasks through intuitive tools, emotions and languages. Instead of words, men tend to resolve disputes through actions that show strength (both rational and irrational gestures).

It is not accidental that the ancient saying “Having health is having everything”. A person who is tired and weak will find it hard to attain intellectual intelligence. Because he is naturally born with more toughness and endurance than women, male instincts have higher IQs than women. This has also been proven by scientists around the world. Professor Richard Lynn pointed out that men have an IQ 5 times higher than women. There are 3 times more men that have an IQ over 130 compared to that of women. There are 5.5 times more men that have an IQ over 145 compared to that of women.

Nghề kỹ thuật luôn đòi hỏi khả năng suy luận để giải quyết công việc một cách mạch lạc | Galaxy M&E

Technical careers always require a deductive ability to solve work in a coherent manner – Galaxy M&E.


Unknowingly the elite, in the field of research and application of natural sciences attracted more men than women. The cause of this comes from the logical ability of that of men is often higher than women.

Mechatronics profession is based on the achievements of the field of natural sciences research. The inherent characteristics of the Mechatronics profession requires the ability to flexibly apply professional knowledge. For anyone who is doing Mechatronics, logical thinking is a must-have factor before starting this career. Not only relying on flexible improvisation, the Mechanical – Electrical profession also requires all operations to strictly comply with safety and technical regulations.

Mechanics – Electricity has no room for emotional outbursts, not favoring people who are prone to emotional thinking. Mechatronics requires compliance based on in-depth knowledge of, the ability to set up, coordinate thinking, and use well quantitative indicators. Because the attributes of the Mechanical – Electrical profession is contrary to the inherent instincts of women (emotional thinking, easily influenced by the outside world, like flexibility and harmony with the surrounding world), Mechatronics is a profession that prefers “strong” over “weak”.

Sự cố về điện luôn bất ngờ xảy ra và cần xử lý khẩn cấp | Galaxy M&E

Electricity problems are always unexpected and need urgent treatment – Galaxy M&E.


Although today, the ability to work in groups and the community’s connections is always appreciated, but in certain circumstances, the ability to work independently is still considered the weight of success or failure of a job.

This is clearly demonstrated by the profession of Mechanical and Electrical works. A job cannot have too many people involved. An example shows this: When the substations have a problem, technical workers are forced to quickly overcome to ensure power supply for production. In times of urgency, mobilizing many people is impossible, technical workers have no other way but to promote the ability to fight independently, to use their knowledge and career skills to handle the problem.

Because women are often driven by emotions, their ability to work independently is often worse than that of men. In the context of pressure from many parties plus factors of expertise, health, situations requiring force to handle a situation independently, the Mechanical and Electrical profession is hard on women because of trust.

Mechanical - Electrical requires health, logical thinking, assertiveness and encouragement when needed.

Mechanical – Electrical requires health, logical thinking, assertiveness and encouragement when needed.

Electromechanics requires physical strength, intelligence, thinking ability and judgment. With the units operating in the field of construction, coal mines, mechanics, … it is difficult for employers to feel satisfied with female candidates. Due to the harsh working conditions, which always contain dangerous factors that threaten health and life, men are often the preferred choice instead of women. The choice comes from the ability to improvise situations, act quickly, persistently endure to overcome dangerous situations.

In addition to the above issues, working time is also a factor that is difficult for women to meet. For high-rise building projects, it is mandatory to stay overnight with not only the construction team but also the mechanical and electrical engineers. Every night completing the ceiling, pumping concrete, it’s the time for builders and electricians together “have a date”. Sometimes, the construction workers will have the opportunity to relax, sing and watch the sand and cement.

Due to the hardship and inherent hardship of the job, women are often absent from the construction site. Mr. Do Dang Binh – General Director of Galaxy Mechanical & Electrical Joint Stock Company said: “In mechanical and electrical construction projects, the female workers become the fuel to the fire that warms the male’s hearts.”

Although the hardships of men’s work have been continuing, conferences requiring gender equality for men are unlikely to occur. At the World Economic Forum 2015, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, a British actress – Emma Watson said: “Today, we present the HeForShe campaign. We want to end gender inequality and to do this, we need everyone involved.”

The voice of fighting for women’s rights is still being raised. Society is still and will always be more civilized. Artificial intelligence, robots will replace the heavy and dangerous work. When science reaches the level of just imagining and integrating emotional elements, robots will carry out duties such as mechanical, electrical, constructing… men will reduce. Before a beautiful vision becomes a reality, it is necessary to think logically, have enough ability, flexibility, physical strength, and mental strength to engage in dangerous places to create machines for heavy work which is hard for human to perform.

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